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             Founded in 1994 in Xiantao City, Hubei Province with a registered capital of RMB 6 million, Hubei Huanyu Chemical Co., Ltd. ( “the Company”) is mainly specialized in the production and sales of organic silicon products (including silicone sealant, building waterproof materials and road waterproof materials) and import & export of goods or technology; house waterproof and leak-proof technology, road jointing, waterproof treatment, etc.[MORE>>]

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          Fax/Hotline: 0717-6992999轉6067

          Tel: 17771810512


          QQ: 973848533

          Post code: 431700

          Hubei Huanyu Chemical Co., Ltd. 

          Add.: Tianmen Yuekou Industrial Zone, Hubei

          Website: www.hagerstownhome.com

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